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A unique blend of lush islands, dramatic coastline, stunning cities and fantastically picturesque lakes and mountains, Croatia holidays exudes style, charm and beauty.

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Enjoy lazy days on the beach, exploring the cultural city treasures or discovering some of the country's most picturesque island and mountain locations, a holiday in Croatia offers endless possibilities. Having trouble narrowing down to just one of Croatia’s beautiful resorts? Why not opt for a tailor-made twin or multi destination holiday so you can enjoy the very best Croatia has to offer.

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Croatia Currency

Croatian Kuna (HKN)

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Croatia Language

Croatian. Engligh widely spoken

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Croatia Time Zone

GMT +1

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Flight Duration

From the UK: 2hr 15 mins to 3hrs 30 mins

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Croatia Travel Guide

Tipping in Croatia: There is not a strong tipping etiquette in Croatia and gratuities are not widely expected. However, that doesn’t mean they are not appreciated. If you’re satisfied with the service, you can leave couple of Kunas for the effort.

Tipping in hotels is not required, but if you are staying in a luxury hotel with a porter or daily maid service, then you may want to give them a small token of your appreciation in a form of 15 to 20 Kuna.

Tipping etiquette in Croatian restaurants, on the other hand, is standard. It is expected that you leave a 10% gratuity, even if there is a fee included on your bill. If you go to a cafe, you can simply round up the bill. If your order is 18 kunas, paying 20 and leaving the change is a nice gesture.This is some text inside of a div block.

Tap Water in Croatia: More than 87% of the population in Croatia is connected to the public water supply system. Water from these public water supply systems is controlled regularly and is safe to drink.

Water supply on the majority of islands are connected to the nearest mainland water supply system, like Brač island. A number of islands, such as Krk, have their own island water sources. For the quality of water, the same rules apply as for rest of Croatia – water supply systems are being regularly monitored.

Only in certain non-touristy areas including smaller towns and villages of central Croatia is the possibility of poor water quality.

Money in Croatia: In the UK, it is easy to access Kunas prior to your trip to Croatia at foreign exchange stores and online. Alternatively, you may take your credit card with you and get Kunas in Croatia. ATMs are readily available in all resorts, towns and cities in Croatia as well as in banks, supermarkets, airports and elsewhere. This really is one of the easiest ways of obtaining money in Croatia.

You will find that you can pay for some items in Euros, such as larger hotels, taxis, some small restaurants. Do note that this is entirely on an unofficial basis; as Euro is not an official currency.

In larger shops (supermarkets, drugstores/pharmacies, souvenir shops) and hotels, credit and debit cards are readily accepted. More established restaurants in larger towns should also accept cards. The smaller the town/restaurant (particularly on the islands), the less likely that cards are accepted. It’s therefore always a good idea to have some cash to hand.

Weather in Croatia: The coast has a typically Mediterranean climate consisting of hot, dry, sunny weather during summer, and relatively mild – though sometimes wet – weather in winter.

Average temperature highs during summer should in the low to mid 30s. Winters are obviously cooler, although temperatures never really get below about 5°C/41°F.

A continental climate exists in the interior of Croatia, meaning that winters can be pretty cold, with temperatures often falling below 0°C. Snow is very likely, and can be pretty heavy during the winter. Summers, on the other hand, can be similar to the coast and again often reach the mid 30s.