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A stunning Adriatic coastline that includes a ribbon of rocky bays, beautiful fishing villages and excellent beaches is the reason why holidays to Montenegro are growing in popularity year after year.

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If lakes and mountains are more your scene, Montenegro is certainly blessed. A backdrop of rising mountains, rolling green hills and azure waters is what you can expect from this fantastically picturesque country.

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Montenegrin. English widely spoken

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montenegro Travel Guide

Tipping in Montenegro: Similar to some its neighbours, Slovenia hasn't got a strong tipping etiquette. Gratuities are not widely expected, but are very warmly received especially in low paid sectors such as hotel service staff.

A couple of Euros will go a long way to show your appreciation of great service. Rounding up to the nearest Euro in taxis and cafes is common but not essential. In restaurants the standard 10% is a good mark to aim for, however if you haven't been satisfied, then not leaving a tip is fine.

Best time to go to Montenegro: The weather in Montenegro is typical of other Mediterranean destinations in which May to October offers pleasant temperatures.

Mid June to August will typically reach 30 degrees and possibly higher whilst the shoulder months will benefit from  warm, sunny days. Rain in autumn is more prevalent so expect the odd shower during your stay.

Drinking water in Montenegro: Tap water in Montenegro's coastal and interior areas is of a decent standard and perfectly fine to drink. Bottled water is widely available in supermarkets, local shops and kiosks.