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Welcome to your holiday paradise! Plitvice Lakes National Park is unquestionably one of the most picturesque locations in Europe.

Home to a wide range of flora and fauna, its series of tiered turquoise lakes, connected by gushing waterfalls and cascades in the forested heart of Croatia, make for an unforgettable setting for you to explore. Wooden walkways and bridges snake around the fringes of the lakes offering spectacular views in this UNESCO Heritage Site. Open all year round, you are not limited to visiting Plitvice in the summer season.


The Plitvice Basics 


Getting there - Fly from London and most major regional airports from the UK to Split (SPU) or Zadar (ZAD) in Croatia. Flight time is typically 2hrs 15mins to 2hrs 30mins. Transfer to Plitvice takes around 1hr 25mins from Zadar, and 2hrs 20mins from Split.



When to go - Plitvice is an all year round destination.  


getting around

Getting around - Some hotels are located within the boundary of the National Park. Others are a short bus ride or walk from the Lakes.




getting around

Weather - During the winter the temperature is equivalent to the UK. In Spring and Autumn the average temperature is around 15 degrees, and around 25 degrees in the Summer.


What to do in Plitvice


Background to Plitvice Lakes: Located two hours south of the country’s capital, Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes is the oldest and largest National Park in Croatia. Founded in 1949, the protected area features 16 tiered crystal-clear lakes, interconnected by gushing waterfalls and cascades, surrounded by lush vegetation and home to a variety of rare birds, insects and animals.The park is open all year round and each season has its attractions. In spring, the cascades are in full flow, in the summer, the vegetation is lush and the lakes turn a beautiful shade of turquoise. An autumn or winter visit will find fewer visitors.



Plitvice Lakes in one day: Plitvice Lakes National Park covers a large area and although a one day’s visit won’t allow you to cover the whole area you’ll get a real sense of why so many visitors flock here and why UNESCO awarded it a World Heritage Site. Explore the National Park using the wooded walkways and bridges that wind around the edge of lakes. Well marked trails range from gentle child-friendly routes to day-long treks for serious walkers. A popular route around the lake takes around 6 hours. You can get to the lakes by bus from both Zagreb and Zadar in around 2 hours.



Staying for longer: The national park covers an area of 300 sq metres meaning just a day’s visit will only allow you to see the main sights. There are eight designated routes that you can choose to follow with the longest typically taking up to eight hours. To save money you can buy a two-day pass or if you are staying in one of the national park run hotels (Jezero, Plitvice & Bellevue) they will validate your ticket for the duration of your stay. For more information about ticket prices, routes and other useful information head to the national park’s website.



Flora and Fauna: An abundance of flora can be seen from the trails. The canopy of beech, spruce and fir provide shelter for over a thousand species of plants including 55 species of orchid. Plitvice Lakes is also home to a wide assortment of animals including the European brown bear, eagle, lynx, the European pond turtle, 157 species of birds, 20 different species of bat and 321 different kinds of butterfly. Don’t forget the binoculars!