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Slovenia… the basics

What’s this guide about?

This Slovenia guide aims to provide you with the basics, as well as inspire and entice you with all that Slovenia has to offer. It will provide useful and practical information on visiting Slovenia such what to see, what to expect and useful hints, tips and advice whilst you’re there.

Slovenia you say?

Slovenia offers stunning scenery, beautiful architecture, fairy-tale sights, as well as activities such as cycling, white water rafting and kayaking. Slovenia is easily accessible from the UK, with EasyJet flights running throughout the whole year, meaning that you can visit the ‘sunny side of the Alps’ with ease.

First time in Slovenia?

Slovenia is a relatively new, up and coming destination. Last year they welcomed around 3.5 million visitors, with approximately 100,000 of those being from the UK. If you have not visited Slovenia before then you really must, whether it be for a weekend break or a longer holiday, there is much to see and plenty to explore.

More about Slovenia:

Slovenia is located to the east of Italy, and to the north of Croatia, with a flight time from the UK of approximately 2 hours. It has 4 neighbouring countries which are Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Austria, and would be completely landlocked, if it were not for its 47km (29miles) of coastline. It has three official languages, Slovene which is the language spoken nationally, and Italian and Hungarian which are spoken regionally. Over the years it has been ruled by, among others, the Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Serbia and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In 1991, Slovenia split from Yugoslavia and is now an independent country, as well as a member of the EU and NATO.

Slovenia is split into 12 statistical regions, including Central Slovenia, Coastal-Karst region and the popular Gorenjska (Upper Carniola) region, which is the picturesque home to Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj.

Where to visit in Slovenia?

Depending on your interests and the amount of time you plan to spend in Slovenia, there are many destinations to make sure that your holiday is tailored to your needs. It may not be possible to fit all of the best sights and experiences into one trip, but you will certainly be able to taste a slice of what Slovenia has to offer. If you are after romance, relaxation and beauty then the ideal places to visit would be the likes of Lake Bohinj or Lake Bled. For a more cosmopolitan experience you could visit the capital city of Ljubljana. There really is something for everyone!

Places to visit in Slovenia – link

When to visit Slovenia

With Slovenia being accessible from the UK all year round and a variety of activities available, there is no specific month or season which you would say is the best time to visit. During the summer months of July and August, the weather is warmer, and temperatures average around 25c, but have been known to reach 35c. This makes this time of year more suited to those who want to participate in normal tourist activities, such as sight seeing and swimming.

For those interested in cycling or hiking, it would probably be more convenient to avoid these high temperatures, and to travel between April and June, or September to October. During these months the weather is still warm but not too hot to take part in activities. Visiting during these months also allows you to avoid the crowds that travel during the peak season of July and August.

Slovenia is also known as a skiing destination which is obviously popular during the winter months. Destinations such as Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj can have a rather magical feel when visited in the winter, especially if there is a dusting of snow on the ground.