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Interesting Facts about Croatia

Interesting Facts about Croatia.

Interesting Facts about Croatia. Dubrovnik Old Town. Credit: Marcus Saul

You may already know a lot, but there are many interesting facts about Croatia. From the past to the present, to the weird and wonderful, here is the list of our 10 favourites:

Home of the ‘smallest town in the world’

Hum in Istria has declared itself the smallest town in the world, with less than 25 inhabitants. This hill top town was supposedly built by giants, well according to the local legend anyway!!!


Most beautiful sunset in the world

Zadar, in Northern Dalmatia, has the world’s most magnificent sunsets, according to Alfred Hithcock. He said ‘Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, Florida, applauded at every evening’. We most definitely agree with him.

Zadar's beautiful sunset

Zadar’s beautiful sunset

Game of Thrones filmed in Croatia

The popular HBO series Game of Thrones has been filmed in many locations across Croatia. The most famous of which is Dubrovnik, which is depicted as Kings Landing in the show. Other places that have been shown on screen are Sibenik, Krka National Park and Lokrum island.

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Pula is home to the 6th largest Amphitheatre in the world

Rather self-explanatory, the amphitheatre in Pula, in Istria, is said to be the 6th largest in the world, and one of only 3 preserved arenas. Another Croatian legend is that the amphitheatre was built in one night by fairies!

Pula's amphitheatre

Pula’s amphitheatre

Highest number of UNESCO intangible goods in Europe

Croatia, along with Spain, has the joint highest number of intangible goods in Europe according to UNESCO. These include lace making, klapa multi-part singing and gingerbread making.

Klapa group in Croatia

Klapa group in Croatia. Credit: Dennis Jarvis

There are two Croatians on the moon!!!

Well not literally, but two Croats do have their names on the map of the moon. R Boskovic and A Mohorovicic, who were both scientists, have had areas of the moon named after them. Boskovic is a mountain on the near side of the moon and Mohorovicic is a lunar impact crater on the far side of the moon.

Croatia has over 1200 islands

These are actually a combination of islands, isles and inlets, giving Croatia one of the top 20 longest coastlines in the world. Of these islands only around 67 are actually inhabited. Each island is unique in its own way, and they all add to the outstandingly beautiful coastline that Croatia has to offer.

The Dalmatian dog is from Croatia

This easily recognisable and lovable dog breed, the Dalmatian, can be traced back to the area in Croatia of a similar name, Dalmatia. The first illustrations of the Dalmatian have been found in Croatia, and date back to the early 17th Century. It is believed that they were originally used as guard dogs to patrol the Dalmatian borders.

The national currency is named after a rodent

The pelts of the marten (which is a weasel-like rodent) were used as payments in medieval Croatia. The word ‘marten’, when translated to Croatia is ‘kuna’. This is how Croatia’s currency, the Kuna, got its name.

The neck tie was invented by Croatia

The neck tie can be traced back to the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). The Croatia mercenaries wore a traditional knotted neckerchief as part of their uniform. The French took an interest in these neckties, and named them cravats. This new fashion then spread across Europe and beyond, first it was popular with the nobility, and nowadays it is favoured by many.