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Croatia…the basics

What’s this guide about?
This Croatia guide aims to inspire and excite you with all that Croatia has to offer. It will provide useful and practical information on visiting Croatia such what to see, what to expect and useful hints, tips and advice whilst you’re there. But for starters, here are the basics …..

Dubrovnik Old Town and Lokrum Island. Credit: Mike McHolm

Croatia you say?
One of Europe’s hot-spots, Croatia has been the destination of choice for millions of visitors, wanting to experience its lush islands, dramatic coastline, stunning cities and fantastically picturesque lakes and mountains. The number of routes from European airports continues to grow year-on-year, including many low cost airlines, allowing visitors to easily access all that Croatia has to offer.

First time to Croatia?
Crikey, you’ve been missing out…only joking. We understand that Croatia hasn’t been on everyone’s radar, but hopefully you being here means you’ve been inspired to visit. A couple of weeks in Croatia will certainly give you a great starter experience of what this fantastic country has to offer and this will give you a good excuse to come again!

More about Croatia:
Croatia is located to the east of Italy on the Adriatic coast and can be reached from UK in around 2 to 3 hours. It has 5 neighbouring countries, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Croatia is now an independent country but over the course of its history it has been ruled by, amongst others, the Romans, Venetians, Ottomans and more recently the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. This has influenced Croatia over the course of the last 2000 years, shaping its people, culture and architecture. Now part of the EU, Croatia enjoys a relaxed, fascinating and safe holiday hotspot to be enjoyed all year round.

Geographically, Croatia can be split into 5 regions:

  • Dubrovnik and South Dalmatia
  • Split and Central Dalmatia
  • Zadar and Northern Dalmatia
  • Istria
  • Central and Northern Croatia
Credit: Szabolcs Emich

Credit: Szabolcs Emich

Where to visit in Croatia?
We are regularly asked where would you recommend in Croatia, however this depends on your interests and circumstances. There are dozens of different places, sights and experiences that we’d class as ‘must-see and do’, however we understand you probably won’t be able to fit them all in on one trip. Here’s our list of things that you ‘must-see and do’ which will hopefully give you some inspiration and help you decide which is best for you:

Bucket list of must-see and do things in Croatia

When to visit Croatia?
Croatia’s coastal hot-spots should be visited between April and October. The shoulder months (all but July and August) are generally the best time to go as accommodation is cheaper and the main areas are less crowded. Some of small towns and islands aren’t really in full swing until June however. Visitors in July and August will enjoy the hot Mediterranean climate. Although November, December and March are generally pleasantly warm  compared to the UK, the lack of flights in these months generally limits visitors to Croatia. Zagreb is connected all year round from the UK and is a fantastic city break, especially in December, when it hosts “Advent in Zagreb”…a pre-christmas celebration full of activities and events.